Carter-Waters is pleased to announce the acquisition of CMA Supply Company.  CMA Supply Co was founded by William Updike in 1978 and brings 100 plus knowledgeable and dedicated employees with six customer support centers, strategically located in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The combination of CMA and Carter-Waters will provide customers with a total of 300 plus employees and 17 locations in 6 states: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. The expansion offers the quality products and services our customers have grown to expect since 1922. The key to our acquisition is the combination of two talented organizations and our vendor partners commitment for superior products for our customers.

Carter-Waters provides quality products and services since 1922 and is a leading Midwest distributor of construction materials and tools to commercial, highway, municipal, residential and multi-family builders. Carter-Waters maintains an extensive rental inventory of concrete forming and shoring products, operates a custom rebar fabrication facility, and manufactures Saturock Cold Asphalt Product.

Call today to see why our customers have grown to expect the experience, quality, and trust that Carter-Waters provides (800) 444-2570.